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EU policy framework on SMEs: State of play and challenges


Michele Alessandrini
Alessandro Valenza
Andrea Gramillano
Chiara Zingaretti
Sabine Zillmer
Frank Holstein
Giacomo Salvatori

Brussels : European Union

DOI: 10.2863/612657

132 pages




Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the engine of the European economy, accounting for 99.8% of total enterprises. They employ more than two thirds of the EU labour force, contribute to more than half of EU value added and have played an important role in the recovery since the financial and economic crisis.


>> 1. Overview of EU policy for SMEs and its evolution
>> 2. SBA implementation at regional level: impact and lessons learnt
>> 3. EU programmes for SMEs post-2020
>> 4. Policy recommendations for EU SME policy in the next political cycle


Annex I: Bibliography
Annex II: Questionnaire
Annex III: LRAs survey key results