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KIET Summary of Research Papers 2017



세종 : 산업연구원
421 pages

KIET Summary of Research Papers ( 2017 )




>> ㆍThe Impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution on Major Korean Industries
>> ㆍ Growth Conditions and Development Strategies in Manufacturing-Service Convergence Industries
>> ㆍA Study on Corporate Restructuring at Small-scale Enterprises
>> ㆍ Developing Mid-Long Term Forecast Models Using Determinants of Exports in Korea: Approaching by Countries
>> ㆍRevitalizing the Renewable Energy Industry with a Follow-up System
>> ㆍ An Analysis of Demand Structure and Policy Effects in the Korean Automobile Industry
>> ㆍ Limitations of the Conglomerate-dependent Growth System and SMEs’ Role as New Growth Engines
>> ㆍ A Study on Labor Market Mismatches: Focusing on 8 Major Manufacturing Industries in Korea
>> ㆍ A Study on Compilation and Analysis of 2014 Korean SME’s Input Output Table
>> ㆍ The Impact of Design-Driven R&D on Firm Performance and its Policy Implications
>> ㆍ An Analysis of Characteristics and Consumption Pattern by Generation: Focusing on the Post-Baby Boomers
>> ㆍ An Assessment of Offshoring Performance at Korean Manufacturing Firms
>> ㆍTechnology and the Economic Effects of Technical Barriers to Trade
>> ㆍ Assessment and Improvement Directions of Policies on Environmentfriendly Vehicles
>> ㆍ A Study on Manufacturing Employment in Korea: Structural Properties and the Sources of Fluctuations
>> ㆍ The Current State of Foreign Investment and Measures to Facilitate the Overseas Expansion of Service Industries
>> ㆍ International Development Cooperation with Blended Finance for Major Social and Economic Sectors
>> ㆍ Enhancing the Efficiency of SME Export Policies in the Changing Global Market
>> ㆍ A Study on the Issues and Solutions of Oversupply Crisis of Korean Industries
>> ㆍ Strategies for Development and Cooperation of Emerging Industry in Korea and China