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Local entrepreneurship ecosystems and emerging industries: Case Study of Mazowieckie, Poland


Lamia Kamal-Chaoui | OECD

Paris : OECD
eISSN: 2079-4797

87 pages
OECD Local Economic and Employment Development (LEED) Working Papers ( 2019/06 )



Mazowieckie is located in the central-eastern part of Poland on the Mazowieckie Lowland. It is the largest and most populated region of Poland. It is also the most economically developed, producing approximately 22% of national gross domestic product (GDP). The main administrative centre is Warsaw, the capital of Poland, which produces nearly 60% of the region’s GDP. Mazowieckie also has the largest rural population in Poland, with one in four people working in agriculture.


>> 1. Overall assessment and recommendations
>> 2. The Mazowieckie entrepreneurship ecosystem and smart specialisation policy
>> 3. Smart specialisation and industry path development
>> 4. Knowledge exchange and skills
>> 5. Embedding large enterprises in the local entrepreneurship ecosystem


Annex A. Data sources for local entrepreneurship ecosystem comparisons
Annex B. Conceptual framework for smart specialisation and path development opportunity assessment