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Global Innovation Index
Fontainebleau : INSEAD
ISSN : 2263-3693

Global Innovation Index 2019

:Creating Healthy Lives-The Future of Medical Innovation

Soumitra Dutta | Cornell University
Bruno Lanvin | INSEAD
Francis Gurry | World Intellectual Property Organization

399 pages


Over the last two centuries, improvements in healthcare have prompted a sustained increase in life expectancy and in the quality of life, resulting in substantial contributions to economic growth. Medical innovation has largely contributed to this progress. As we look into the future, new technologies and non-technological innovations will likely continue to enrich the provision of healthcare at a rapid pace. Artificial intelligence, genomics, stem cell research, big data, and mobile health applications will open doors to improved health. Likewise, novelties such as the delivery of medicines via drones have potential for rural and low-resource contexts in developing countries. Focusing on the next two decades, the GII 2019 will shed light on the role of medical innovation as it shapes the future of healthcare. The insights shared within the report show that we have an exciting opportunity ahead of us. In addition to the theme, and as every year, the GII report analyzes global innovation trends and the performance of approximately 130 economies.


>> Chapter 1: The Global Innovation Index 2019
>> >> Theme Section: Creating Healthy Lives-The Future of Medical Innovation
>> >> Special Section: Cluster Rankings Identifying and Ranking the World’s Largest Science and Technology Clusters
>> Chapter 2: The Economics of Health Innovation: Looking Back and Looking Forward
>> Chapter 3: Trends in Healthcare and Medical Innovation
>> Chapter 4: Ten Opportunities for Biomedical Innovation over the Next Ten Years
>> Chapter 5: Application of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in China's Healthcare Services
>> Chapter 6: Reaching New Frontiers for Alzheimer’s through Research and Innovation
>> Chapter 7: Improving Patient Healthcare through Virtual Platforms
>> Chapter 8: How Data will Improve Healthcare without Adding Staff or Beds
>> Chapter 9: Case of iamYiam-Innovating in Preventive Health Delivery
>> Chapter 10: How Particle Physics Research at CERN Contributes to Medical Innovation
>> Chapter 11: Overcoming Barriers to Medical Innovation for Low Resource Settings
>> Chapter 12: Life is too Short with HCV and NCDs-100 Million Healthy Lives Initiative
>> Chapter 13: Innovations in Healthcare Affordability and Delivery - An Indian Perspective
>> Chapter 14: A Brazilian Outlook on Health and Medical Innovation
>> Chapter 15: Integration of Health and Medical Innovations in Rwanda to Promote Health Equity
>> Chapter 16: Iran’s Experience in Developing High-tech Medical Innovations and the Path Ahead
>> Chapter 17: Social and Economic Aspects of Health and Medical Innovation in Thailand


Appendix I: The Global Innovation Index Conceptual Framework
Appendix II: Economy Profiles & Data Tables
Appendix III: Sources and Definitions
Appendix IV: Adjustments to the Global Innovation Index Framework, Year-on-Year Comparability of Results, and Technical Notes
Appendix V: Joint Research Centre Statistical Audit of the Global Innovation Index 2019
Appendix VI: About the Authors