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R & D Management
Oxford : Blackwell Publishing Limited
ISSN : 0033-6807

Unveiling the successful process of technological transition: a case study of Matsushita Electric


Tomoatsu Shibata | Tohoku University

Vol.42 No.4 , pp.358 ~ 376


Technological transition requires serious management decisions because it essentially means withdrawing from an existing technology, in which the company has been successful, and shifting management resources to a new technology with a high degree of uncertainty. We will analyze in detail an example of a successful transition to a new technology and draw key factors for success. The subject of our analysis is the transition made by Matsushita Electric Group (MEG), a large corporate group representative of Japanese companies, at the time of its commercialization of plasma display panel (PDP) TVs. During commercialization process, Matsushita made a successful transition from accumulated direct current-plasma display panel (DC PDP) to alternating current-plasma display panel (AC PDP) through incorporating AC PDP technology from Plasmaco, Venture Company established in 1987.


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