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Journal of Technology Transfer
ISSN : 0892-9912

Effectiveness of university technology transfer: an organizational population ecology view of a maturing supplier industry


Richard Cardozo | University of Minnesota
Alexandre Ardichvili | University of Minnesota
A. Strauss | Schwegman, Lundberg & Woessner

Vol.36 No.2 , pp.173 ~ 202


In this article, we propose that universities engaged in technology transfer activities can be viewed as the University Technology Commercialization (UTC) industry. We use an organizational population ecology perspective to outline an economic model for the analysis of the UTC industry. We introduce cohort analysis and time-lagged comparisons of multiple stages in the commercialization process to examine the efficiency and productivity of the industry. Our main source of data is the Association of University Technology Managers licensing surveys from 1991 through 2004. Results indicate that industry growth is slowing, and that the technology transfer process is becoming less efficient; opportunities for individual and/or collective action are noted.


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