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R & D Management
Oxford : Blackwell Publishing Limited
ISSN : 0033-6807

Counterfeit, imitation, reverse engineering and learning: reflections from Chinese manufacturing firms


Tetsuya Jr. Minagawa | University of Portsmouth
Paul Trott | University of Portsmouth |
Andreas Hoecht | University of Portsmouth

Vol.37 No.5 , pp.455 ~ 467


키워드 : R&D
주제분류코드 : 규제 및 산업정책(L5)


R&D internationalization has increasingly involved countries outside the developed world. In addition, there has been a growing trend for countries in East Asia to seek to attract the R&D facilities of multinationals (MNCs). For such countries, they are faced with a fundamental question as to what kinds of impact MNCs' offshore R&D facilities will have on their own countries, especially in terms of technological innovation and industrial development. Set against the above backdrop, this paper sets out to examine a relatively new aspect of R&D internationalization related to global innovation networks and to open up the blackbox of the spillover effect regarding foreign R&D by examining the interplay of foreign R&D and Taiwan's national innovation system. The empirical part of the paper draws mainly upon intensive case studies of four high-profile foreign R&D facilities in the IT industry. The way foreign R&D interplays with Taiwan's NIS is examined in terms of the market & technology linkages.


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